KMF - Kazakhstan

KMF (Non-bank financial institution, close to 220.000 clients, 110 branches)

The Context

Kazakhstan is among the least densely populated countries in the world, with 0-10 persons per km2 and with an unstable telecom networks in remote areas which both constitute key barriers to financial inclusion in rural areas, where 46% of the population lives.

The mobile tablets are used in the customer's business areas to speed up the processes.

The Technology Solution Programme

To reach clients and improve efficiencies in this challenging context, KMF uses tablet software, developed in-house, that communicates remotely with its core banking system to ensure that loan officers, management, loan recovery and internal control teams can schedule loan officers’ work, capture loan applications, make loan approval decisions, monitor and recover late loans, and conduct internal control visits in the field. Crucially in this context, this software can be used both on- and offline, allowing management to monitor field activities in close to real time even over long distances.

In-house software and tablets to serve clients in extremely remote areas of Kazakhstan